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Hello! Thanks for checking out my website. I am interested in studying nonverbal behavior and social interaction in virtual reality. And I am open for research collaboration in VR/AR. Feel free to leave a message below. I am looking forward to hearing from you.
— Yilu Sun
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Virtual Embodiment Lab

        I have been a Research Assistant for Prof. Andrea Won's Virtual Embodiment Lab at Cornell University for more than a year. I enjoyed designing, prototyping and researching in VR/AR.

        Fun fact: I designed the logo (on the right) for the lab. 


Cornell University


        I graduated with a Master's degree in Information Science from Cornell University in December 2017. My coursework and research focus on human-computer interaction, user experience design and research.


The Ohio State University


        I received my Bachelor of Science degree from The Ohio State University with a double major in Economics and Strategic Communication. 

Contact Me

        If you have any job opportunities or if you are interested in learning more about my projects or collaborating on research projects, feel free to send me a message below or contact me via email at I am looking forward to hearing from you. 

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